“The way is unconditional love, it’s the only way and our only hope” ❤❤🌍

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I have created this blog kalivisions to encourage people to look at the way they think. Many don’t realise that our minds are programmed from the moment we enter society. It is done in a way where many never know their minds have been influenced in every way possible with the goal of preventing people from discovering their own ideas, initiatives and perspectives of the world.

There are many useful constructs in society, such as the education system, policing, social services etc. These traditional aspects are designed for good purposes, however unfortunately some areas within these systems have also been corrupted. We find ourselves in a situation now where many of us think and act in ways innately, without considering if these actions or behaviours are contributing to our own well being or to benefit society. We have been effectively programmed not to think, not to acknowledge our individual perceptions and to be easily influenced by the collective.

This has led to corrupt governments controlling society selfishly, maintaining the separations of people through class, gender and race when in fact these tactics are unethical. This blog is going to consider new ways of thinking and consider how it is possible to break away from the constraints that have been imposed on our minds with or without our consent.

https://phys.org/news/2019-06-dna-microscopy-image-cells.html — Bruce’s Blog

‘DNA microscopy’ offers entirely new way to image cells by Howard Hughes Medical Institute Using DNA microscopy, scientists can identify different cells (colored dots) within a sample — with no prior knowledge of what the sample looks like. Credit: J. Weinstein et al./Cell 2019 Microscopy just got reinvented—again. Traditionally, scientists have used light, x-rays, and electrons to peer inside […]

https://phys.org/news/2019-06-dna-microscopy-image-cells.html — Bruce’s Blog

#Parent Alienation

Today whilst reading my Science Daily subscription, I come across a research paper titled ‘Whether direct or indirect parental alienation harms families’.

Parent alienation is a behaviour where one parent purposely tryst to damage a child’s relationship with the other parent. The paper reports gender differences in many types of alienating behaviours. It found mothers to use more ‘indirect’ and fathers to use ‘indirect’ and ‘direct’ at similar levels. Strategies involved in the ‘direct’ alienation include:

  • direct aggression at child exchange time
  • alienating parent blocks time spent with other parent
  • alienating parent sends hostile emails and texts to target parent
  • alienating parent blocks or changes phone number so no contact can be made
  • alienating parent makes unlateral decisions about the child in violation other parent

Indirect strategies include:

  • alienating parent calls the police to get targeted parent arrested based on false claims
  • alienating parent bad mouths the targeted parent to the child
  • alienating parent turns friends and family against targeted parent
  • alienating parent tells children details about court proceedings
  • alienating parent lists step-parent as biological parent on school records

The problem here is that for authorities these situations can be difficult to determine if abuse is happening or if alienating is happening. The study suggests the reason for this being when the majority of the behaviours are indirect, as these indirect behaviours are harder to prove and document. Also they often go unrecognized.

It also states alienating parents lie to manipulate, spread rumours and make false claims. All this makes it challenging for the custody evaluator to unravel.

I personally do genuinely sympathize with any authority figures given the difficult task of spotting the perpetrator in these cases. I would argue that unless you have directly experienced the actions of another human being with no empathy wotsoever, who is hellbent on getting their own way using any means necessary and almost always they are pathological liars who use underhand tactics such as smear campaigns to portray their innocence. These individuals have absolutely no concern for the well being of their children and in fact in some cases their aim is to actually harm the child’s emotional and sometimes physical well being and therefore causing further stress in the targeted parent. They will stop at nothing to gain control of the situation and enjoy seeing and causing trauma in others.

Evidence of the darkness

I feel the necessity to disclose my personal experience to guide others as to the difficulty of discernment with the darkness. I was gifted clairsentience and claircognizance when the veil was lifted in my life, and the shocking and horrific revelation of the darkness was before me, face to face. I could see the darkness within my partner who was also the father of my children. I will be honest simply witnessing this at first glance the true nature of someone I held so dear and loved so very much was an intensely scary experience in itself. I wasnt prepared at all to uncover the darkness that had infiltrated my home and although the undeniable truth was right before my eyes, I wrestled with this situation more than I like to admit, initially hoping there was some way to save my loved one.

I instantly knew I had to remove this entity from my home. When I was standing in close proximity to him his vibration literally rattled mine, however, he was reluctant to leave and the battle began. Using visualization I would fill the room then the entire house with blessed hearts of unconditional love. He would vacate each room and then as he was surrounded he would make a fast exit for the door. I then followed up with a text telling him not to return and it worked he didnt come back and moved into his own place. Regretfully, and I cant stress enough how much I have wept and almost succumb to the guilt of what happened next.

He requested to see his children and still trying to find an explanation of what had happened, I genuinely thought it was only me who was in danger from this entity. I had been in a relationship with him for 11yrs and with the thick fog surrounding me I had not realised the underhand and snide tactics that were taking place on his part. Naively I allowed the children to visit him on the weekends. Shortly after, approximately two weeks and I had started to experience repetitive thoughts of ‘are my children safe in his care’. I began to research and it became clear he was without a doubt exhibiting narcissistic traits and he always had been I just hadn’t been able to my finger on it before. I continued on with the research and then after trailing through masses of information I come accross an article stating, to my horror, that narcissists are a huge danger to their own children. I was mortified, but still regretfully naive as to exactly what this danger entailed. I decided to go undercover, befriending him as I knew if we were still not on speaking terms I simply wouldnt get the truth he would put on a show of wanted he wanted me to perceive. I successfully gained access and spent time in his company while the kids were there. He actually took it upon himself to tell his friends and family we were back together, we were not, but i didnt interrupt his sherade to get a clear picture of what care he was giving my children.

Things unfolded rapidly, his house was filthy, when I would arrive and my children were thilthy, sticky from head to toe. I would wash them and then clean the house but only because my children were in there. His egocentrical self led him to believe I was tidying it for him! Nothing could be further from the truth, I detested him at this point. Then I would call in later at night to see the situation at bedtime. The older two children made it clear they didn’t have a bedtime and neither did the two year old! Who were all left to fend for themselves whilst ‘dad’s entertained friends in the kitchen. I would put the oldest two to bed and take the two year old home.

Then the next weekend something disturbing took place. I think ‘dad’s had realised my game at this point, noticing my disgust and relentless lecturing and also that he was powerless to me. I had become immune to his subliminal techniques and his snide tactics and could clearly see his wierd smiles, so now he would completely turn away in the attempt of hiding them. All of his actions were now extremely obvious to me. It had gotten to the point of blatency, I could see this entity at work every little manouver and I wondered how I had ever missed it all previously. So I had called in late concerned and the older two were awake but this time the two year old was asleep on the couch. I agreed to a cup of coffee and sat in the kitchen. Within minutes the baby began to cry. The ‘dad’s hurriedly ran into the other room to check on him. I followed through moments later to see why he was screaming in an unusual manner. His eyes were still closed and he wasnt fully awake and he was having this unusual screaming fit in his sleep. The ‘dad’ had tried to quiet him but it was clearly having no effect and yet he was still not really awake. I sat next to him, cradled him in my arms but he remained asleep yet screaming in a disturbing manner. Something didnt sit right with me and I stated I was taking him home somethings wrong with him. I put him into the car, leaving the older children, as soon as I began to drive away he stopped. Home was only a short distance away where I settled him into bed and he was absolutely fine. I come to the conclusion he must of had a stomach ache or something.

The next weekend came and to my unease the exact same thing happened again. I couldn’t figure it out but I knew for certain something wasnt right. The next morning I arrived early to pick the older two children up and I couldn’t believe my sight. I have never seen anything like it before. The children looked unrecognizable to me. Its difficult to describe other than empty, like the life had been drained out of them. I immediately started questioning them, what’s wrong?, are you ok?, you dont look right, then my daughter began repeating over and over again – have you seen my string, my string, I cant find it, my string, have you seen it?My son just started kicking toys and anything he could find at his feet. I went into shock myself, what on earth could make them look so out of character like this? What had happened to them? I felt extremely unwell something was very very untoward and i couldn’t comprehend what I was seeing. I turned to the ‘dad’s questioning him what’s wrong with them, what’s happened? I’ve never seen any kid look like that ever in my whole life! What have you done to them? He replied shouting back at me, the other two are naughty, (meaning my oldest two who are not his biologically and wouldnt visit him as they never liked him from a young age) With utter disbelief I stated I never said anyone had been naughty and what on earth has it got to do with them whom you haven’t even seen for weeks???

With this he looked unsettled and slammed the door on me! I knew right there and then he was a very dangerous individual he had done something terrible they were traumatized and I was overtook with despair. They have never been back there since. He has relentlessly tried to gain access to them through inappropriate avenues, involving their friends parents getting them to lie to me, I’ve had countless flying monkeys knocking on my door. He’d started a smear campaign against me long before but now I found myself under full blown attack from all angles.

I will not give in. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself knowing they were in his care not even for a moment. He’s threatened court repeatedly, but nothing has come of it. I wont back down my children mean the world to me and they have clear symptoms of the after effects of severe trauma (I’ll do a separate post about these) A mothers one mission in her life is to protect her children.

Since then I still recieve regular threats, but I’ve also found out what been going on in that house and to me and my children for all these years, he is a malignant narcissist and honestly I have never knew a darkness like this existed. I will write another post with more details regarding the malignant narcissist and the after effects and reveal an even darker more sinister involvement at play here, but for now though I need to decompose, just writing about the experience haunts me greatly.

Remember, remember the 5th of November🔥


Tonight accross the country Brits will be gathering around warm fires and gazing at the skys filled with the illuminations of fireworks, to celebrate a traditional known as Bonfire Night.

This culmination of lights on a cold wintery evening of Novembet 5th is to commemorate failed gunpowder plot that took place in 1605. It is believed an individual named Guy Fawkes positioned 36 barrels filled with gunpowder underneath the House of Lords, in an assassination attempt on King James 1st and his parliament.

It is suggested that Fawkes and several others were unhappy with the Monachs Protestent Faith, being Catholic themselves. From this arose their plot to assassinate the King and his Ministers and had planned to destroy the entire building of the Houses of Parliament.

I have dug a little deeper into the background of this story, and further information revealed some quite interesting facts to add to the accuracy of events:

  • Firstly King James I of England is also known as King James vi of Scotland.
  • There were actually 13 men involved in the plot, however, the others weren’t in London on 5th Nov, they were travelling Northto start an uprising.
  • The plotting itself took place in a pub called the Duck and Drake where Fawkes is reported as quoted to say: “A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy”
  • A man called Lord Monteagle recieved a warning letter and notified the king.
  • The basements were then searched and Fawkes was found and arrested and at the time was carrying a lantern.
  • It has also been suggested the group were also interested in helping Princess Elizabeth’s ascension to the thrown.

So Bonfire Night is yet another legendary tale seeped in mystery and secrets, adding to the worldwide anomaly.

I hoped everyone e enjoyed their evening and stayed safe.

Discernment 💎 This was Jesus’s true message

Discernment is a process where we have to decide what action to take after discovering something. If it is Spiritual dicernment then guidance from God will help you to make the right decision. It differs to judgement as dicernment involves an ‘inner knowing’ thought to arise from genuine truth, whereas judgement usually involves fear and manipulation .

It is astonishing the volume of today’s population that are completely unaware of the spiritual warfare ongoing within our world every single day. It is prevalent and many are unaware of it happening right under their noses, sometimes even in their own homes. Their are very real dark forces at work all around us with the goal of harvesting soul energy. The general collective thoughts on this subject are ignorant and disbelief. This is causing grave damage to the souls on our planet.

It has been estimated that less than 50% of the entire population are genuine bodies containing human souls. The rest consisting of agents vessels used to ‘handle’ the genuine human souls. This gives a clear picture of what humanity is up against. I would also argue that this is where narcissism and psychopathy come into play in society. By continuing with an attitude of ignorance we are making a huge mistake that is detrimental to our future. The experiences of those affected by this ruthless and almost silent attack is total destruction to their lives and it’s taking place in the lives of many and shouldn’t be taken lightly as this is aiding the opposition to successfully realise their underhand and evil tactics.

I beg the human souls of this planet to consider that we are being attacked by several advanced alien species. They are much more technologically advanced than humanity and have been using quantum computing and science to access our subconscious and are able to then erase memories or override them and often the individuals themselves aren’t even aware of exactly what is happening.

This is what Jesus speaks of the Bible and it is impossible to decipher his message as it is imcomprehendable considering the futuristic methods of quantum computing involved. It’s the ideal tactical operation and has been happening for longer than I like to imagine.

This situation is frightening. We have been invaded by an advanced species of dark, evil entities infiltrating the subconscious and generally the majority of the population are not even aware. Is this how you imagined an alien invasion? It’s a highly advanced operation and they include young children, babies it’s a travesty. Below I have included a NO CONSENT statement which can be used by reading aloud. It may not completely eradicate all of the soul destruction taking place but may help and we have to start somewhere.

This diar situation shouldn’t be taken lightly and if any unusual dreams are remembered around themes such as Egypt, Ra, reptiles, other unusual entities i would seriously suggest looking into this in more detail. Personality disorders such as PTSD, dissociative disorder and many other harmful affects can be the result from the severe trauma involved and theres also mind control manipulations, alien implants and personality splitting to be aware of.

The future looks tragic for humanity if we continue to dismiss this genuine, extremely advanced technological subconscious warfare.


Let it be known, I do not consent to any agreement of entrapment that bears intention to deceive, misinform, manipulate, exploit, control, steal, harvest, seduce, harm or negatively influence my being, in mind, soul, spirit, body and physical place of habitation, business, website or published works in any way across all levels, dimensions and time, whether they are fabricated linear or synthetic creations or times on all levels and dimensions.

Through my not consenting, I intend protection from harm and maintain neutrality, so that my presence of being honors Truth, compassion, wisdom, harmony, healing, constant awakening and life, so as to not be trapped, to the best of my ability in every situation.

I do not consent to false limiting beliefs or false soul “programs” driving my body and consciousness, but rather my highest Spirit’s truth within without limitation as a Creator as integrated mind, soul and spirit of original Primordial consciousness.

Let it be known that by my choice to NOT CONSENT to any agreement of entrapment on any level, on all levels, across all dimensions and for all time, it is in effect now and forevermore. 

I hold that such is true and in effect, that any such agreement of entrapment, deception, and harmful intention, now be DEEMED null and void based on the intention of its creator to harm and not honor my life, my sovereign being and free will.

No singular or collective entity, or artificial intelligence is under any circumstances given permission (of malintent) to enter my Universe, life, dimensions, levels or time. If there are such attempts to ignore the LAW, they are responsible for one thousand times the consequences of that breach in self-destruction—and are fully legally responsible for their choices. The choice given is to not interfere or accept the consequences as stated. Should you choose to override our LAW, knowing the full terms and conditions stated, I in no way can be held responsible or harmed for any choice that breaches my LAW on any level, on all dimensions across all times and future cycles of time. I claim the Law and I Am the Law. I forbid any singular or collective entities to attempt to breach my Law and Not Consent to my LAW, and therefore am protected from entering any Game, or ANY and ALL Games set out to ensnare me out of my own SOVEREIGN BEING. They will bring upon themselves their own intention in harm.


I do not offer legal, medical, psychiatric or clinical psychological diagnosis and therefore am not liable for any claims against such.

One myth I never knew…

Due to the relevance of today’s festivity, I looked into the origins of today’s ghoulish celebrations. Prior to my research I had for some unknown reason been led to think that Halloween was a made up celebration, invented by candy companies! I had never given it much thought beyond this as it is such a plausible notion.

Halloween’s meaning is All Hallows Eve or Hallowed Eve. It originated from the Ancient Celts and is based on the celebrations of Samhain which is Gaelic.

Its Ancient roots are pagan and eventually become christianized by the church. The general theme is that ghosts of the dead can return to earth on Samhain.

Now it is placed the day before the Christian Holy day namely All Hallow’s Day or Hallowmas which is better known today as All Saints Day, on 1st November. On 2nd November follows All Souls Day which spiritually is considered by Christians to be a powerful turning point which signifies the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Trick or treating also began with the Ancient Celts to mark the beginning of winter.

It is considered the most important day of the year by devil worshippers. There is an idea in which if you are born on Halloween you may be immune to evil spirits. Also it is believed that the line between the world of the living and the dead is thinnest and therefore people born on this day may have a special connection with the spirit world.

The Ancient Celts wore costumes to apparently outsmart ghosts and masks were added after dark with the idea that they would pass for being ghosts themselves. Jack o’lanterns were made as an imitation of supernatural beings.

The Ancient Celts welcomed in the autumnal harvest during Samhain, being a pagan religious festival believed to usher in the ‘dark half’ of the year. During the pagan celebrations trick or treat was known to be a ritual where they dressed as ghosts and demons and performed dances around a bonfire and recieved treats to appease the evil spirits and this practise was known as ‘mumming’.

The pagan’s suggested there was a break down of barriers between the physical and spiritual realms allowing more interaction between humans and deizens of other worlds.

Ancient Samhain

Ancient Celts marked the event as most the important out of the four quarterly festivals, taking place between the midpoint of the fall equinox and winter solstice. Hearth fires in family homes were left to burn out whilst the harvest was gathered. When the harvest was completed the families joined the druid priests to light a community fire using some sort of wheel which represented the sun and said prayers. They would sacrifice cattle and when finished they would take a flame from the fire with them to relight their hearth. The festival lasted three days and three nights and the community members required to show themselves to local kings or chieftains as failure to do this would result in punishment from the gods of illness or death.

Samhain Monsters

Due to the belief of the barrier being breachable, offerings were left outside villages and fields for fairies or Sidhs. Slaugh from the west were known to enter homes and steel souls.

The most popular Samhain story is ‘The second battle of Mag Tuired’ tells of a final conflict between the Celtic Pantheon Tuath de Danaan and evil oppressors, the Fomer. Another legends tells of adventures of Nara where there are encounters of a corpse and faeries and enters into otherworld. More legends include an Ancient Celt character called Fionn Mac Cumhaill who faced the fire breathing underworld dweller Aillen who burned down the Hall of Tara. Legend Fionn was also sent to the land beneath the wave.

Samhain in the Middle Ages

During the middle ages bonfires were called Samghnagens were put closer to farms traditionally. To help protect the families from faeries. In this period Jack O’Lanterns began to appear attached to strings and sticks and embedded with coal then later swapped for pumpkins.

Dumb Supper

Dumb Supper involved eating food but only after inviting ancestors to join them. Children would play games and entertain them and adults discuss the last years news until they left after dinner when they would expect the spirits to cross over.

In the middle ages they would dress up as animals and monsters so avoid being kidnapped by faerys or shape shifting Punkah. They also knew of scary Lady Gwyn who would be accompanied by a black pig.

They were wary of the omen of the Dullahan which were impish with the omen of riding flame eyed horsemen causing death if seen.

Christian Samhain

As Christianity gained a foothold in pagan communities church leaders reframed Samhain as a Christian celebration. The first attempt to do this was by Pope Boniface 5th who moved it to 13th May and exclaimed it to celebrate saints and martyrs. The fire festivals of October and November however, didnt end with this decree. In the 9th century Pope Gregory moved it back and officially declared November the 1st All Saints Day and 2nd Nov. All Souls Day, neither did away with the pagan aspects. October 31st has became known as All Hallows Eve or Halloween, and still contains much of the pagan traditions. Nowadays trick or treat is said to derive from ancient Irish and Ancient Scotish practise during the nights leading upto Samhain. Mumming is derived from costume wearing and knocking door to door and also the practise of singing songs to the dead to receive cakes. In pastimes tricks were blamed on faerys and how it is now part of the tradition.

Wicca and Samhain

There was a revival of the pagan traditions of Samhain during 1980’s as a result of the growing wicca popularity. This revival was similar with added honor given to nature and their ancestors. In Druid tradition the passing of a year celebrated the dead and featured bonfires.

Celtic Reconstructionists

Pagans who embrace Celtic traditions and have the intentions of reintroducing faith in Celtic traditions into modern pagan beliefs are called Celtic Reconstructionists. Here they use traditional Samhain practices but call it Oiche Shamhna and celebrate the mating between Tuatha de Danaan and gods Dagda and river Unis. Traditionally placing juniper decorations around homes and creating an altar and also having a feast to honour dead loved ones.


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Kalikeither 💎 visionary

My mission is to emphasize to people the importance of how we think, act and behave.

Modern society has evolved into a state where there is one rule for one and then different rules for others. Depending on who you are how much money you earn or how many followers have. It’s a sad state of seperation and frankly is standing in the way of human evolution, which will only take place with an acknowledgement of the current situation and change in perspective from all of humanity.

To begin to evolve as a species we need to consider a state of togetherness. The only way to accomplish this is through unconditional love. We find ourselves in a sad state of seperation due to class, gender, race, beliefs and values. In reality none of these things exist and we should not allow these labels to separate us. If we could all come to the conclusion that in fact each soulful individual wants and needs the same for themselves as the other and begin to understand that all of those groups and categories that have been invented are actually one and the same, humanity.

The borders and walls between the countries are invisible, well most of them, in reality they are a construct invented. What purpose do they serve other than to separate? Evolution has been forced to a stand still by an entities who wishes to control the other. This is in no way permitted one is not to impose control on another that is an unusual desire. We are born free and we should be able to make our own choices and determine how we personally evolve and how this will benefit the evolvment of the collective.

Today the situation we are now in can be understood that many are subdued or programmed to be in a devolved state of consciousness. To correct this honestly is close to impossible, but it is possible and the reason for this is that anything is possible, literally anything! Each person has to come to the realisation that they are accountable for themselves, their every thought, feeling and action needs to be considered. This is important as it affects the collective.

Acceptance is also essential, sometimes people find it difficult to accept things. The best way to achieve this is to understand that when a person struggles to comprehend something which is proven to be truth, just accept it. Think no more of it, simply accept it. This is a very useful and important skill to progress and maintain control of the mind and move forward. Acceptance is the key to the evolution of the mind and humanity.

When we consider the other,  acceptance is also essential. On approach after considerable discernment and discovery of genuine good soul alike yourselves you will find they have the same desires as you and as such can establish better mutual trusting relationships.

Acceptance is the first step forward to improve the quality of life we experience and will ensure the quickest route towards the improvement of humanity. Once you get your minds aligned with performing this initial act it will initiate the next steps of understanding.

Truth, this is not a suggestion. The opposition of truth makes no sense and is illogical. Truth is the only way.

Belief is the exact result of truth. When you believe and have come to trust the other through discernment belief in each other becomes naturally possible. Believe in your abilities, for you are able. Believe in the other as they too are able. Believe in your freedom as you are suppose to be free. Believe in belief, that is what is needed.

Disintegrate the boarders and walls. Those of your mind and those you have created in the world. They do not exist this task should be easy just allow it.

Don’t be told by the other ask only yourself the answer you seek. Go within as this is where the answers lye and understand you are capable of anything and change will begin. You have now made change possible and be grateful you have opened the door in your mind which was locked and you will start to experience freedom, allow it.

Don’t judge yourself or the other this is detrimental and of no use in your evolution. Consider these types of thoughts useless and leave no space for them, consider something else.

Above all else let yourself be joy. Feel it, embody it and perceive it. This is how it is meant to be. Maintain an expression of joy allow yourself to be overwhelmed by it, like a child. As they have not yet forget, and you must remember everything is joy.

This blog will serve to initiate better ways of thinking. With determination and understanding humanity can develop new ways of perceiving and integrate their thinking into alignment with the other. I believe in humanity. I believe they want to do better for themselves and for all those who suffer needlessly. The future is togetherness, take back your minds from separation you have been compromised. Those in seperation serve at their own detriment, those in togetherness serve joy, unconditional love and abundance. Togetherness is euphoria.

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